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Make a Difference group


[November 23, 2021] Make a Difference (MAD), a club made up of Madras Plant 7 people and their family members, delivered Thanksgiving dinners to all 40 apartments in the Willow Creek Apartments on November 20. They raised the $1,300 needed to purchase turkeys and side dishes through donations and fundraising events.

Thank you Bright Wood People, Past and Present

[November 2, 2021] Bright Wood was celebrating its 30th anniversary in 1989 when this article appeared in the Bright Words newsletter. Flash forward 31 years and Camillia Fernandez (52 years) and Larry Nasset (50 years) just retired; Joanne (Runkle) Wallace is still working full time in Madras Plant 2.

Bright Wood remains “an industry leader and a company that is highly regarded for its quality and customer service” in 2021 because so many people care enough to bring their A-game to work every day.

Thank you, Bright Wood people, past and present.

Redmond cutline with new safety gates

How Bright Wood Responded to a 2017 OHSA Inspection

[November 2, 2021] Oregon OSHA safety compliance officer Jarrodd Bohn arrived unannounced at Bright Wood’s Redmond, Oregon facility on Nov. 20, 2017, to conduct the first comprehensive plant inspection in 20 years. Read what happened next in OSHA’s 2018 Grassroots Report.

Thank You to Camillia Fernandez for Being Part of the Bright Wood Team for 52-Plus Years

[October 25, 2021] Camillia started feeding a cleat machine in Bright Wood’s original plant in 1969. She’d heard about Bright Wood while working in the local farm fields with a couple kids named Derl and Dallas Stovall (CEO/President), picking rocks and hoeing mint. 

“I thought when I got into Bright Wood this was the best job ever,” Camillia said. “And it is, I have enjoyed my years here.”

Bright Wood CEO/President with Camillia Fernandez in 2021
Madras Plant 1

Madras Plant 1 Reborn as an Optimizing Cross-Cutting Plant

[September 1, 2021] Madras Plant 1 is back as an optimizing cut plant. Crews gutted the old manual cut plant last year and extended the building. The new highly nimble cross-cutting operation removed their training wheels in June.

Increasing Dimension Capacity in 2020 Pays Off in 2021

[September 1, 2021] “When Bright Wood first started manufacturing Engineered Dimension lumber in 2016, industry people asked me, Why did you get into fingerjoint (FJ) dimension? You don’t know anything about it,” Dallas Stovall (CEO/President) said. “My response was, We are not rookies; we have people who have the experience such as Tim Stovall, Adam Brown, Luis Islas, Jesus Cohetzaltitla, Walt Williams, and others.”

engineered dimension studs
wine box

Customer Builds High-End Wine Boxes with Bright Wood Parts

[September 1, 2021] M. Calosso & Son of Stockton, California – a family-owned business since 1924 – builds beautiful pine wine boxes with parts manufactured by Bright Wood’s Prineville site.

The Prineville team has been making the wine box parts since 2002. M. Calosso & Son uses our blanks to create the boxes’ tops, bottoms, ends, sides, and dividers.

Prineville Upgrades Board Scanner

[December 1, 2020] Bright Wood upgraded Prineville’s Newnes wood scanner to a USNR AddVantage chop scanner this summer. The new scanner arrived ready to detect more types of wood characteristics with greater accuracy and it has already taken pressure off the cutline.

New USNR AddVantage chop scanner in the Prineville, Oregon cut plant