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Thank You to Camillia Fernandez for Being Part of the Bright Wood Team for 52-Plus Years

[October 25, 2021] Camillia started feeding a cleat machine in Bright Wood’s original plant in 1969. She’d heard about Bright Wood while working in the local farm fields with a couple kids named Derl and Dallas Stovall (CEO/President), picking rocks and hoeing mint. 

“I thought when I got into Bright Wood this was the best job ever,” Camillia said. “And it is, I have enjoyed my years here.”

She worked her way up to being one of Bright Wood’s best cutters for over 25 years. “When I became a plant manager, I always checked with Camillia on any grade issues and picked her brain,” Jim Sanders, Bright Wood Safety Manager, said. “She was rarely wrong.”

Camillia was a quality auditor for 17-plus years and a grade class instructor for the last several years. “She was easy to work with, fair in her decisions, and always presented an open mind, with a sense of humor to match her kindness,” Sheridan Taylor, formerly a cut plant lead and now a scheduler, said. “Her hard work and dedication are an inspiration.”

“As an auditor, she took the time to show the graders what they were doing wrong and how to correct it,” Jeff Flu, Training Manager, said. “If she didn’t have the answer, she wasn’t afraid to ask so she could relay the correct information back to the graders.”

“She loved teaching the classes and took the time to explain things, so people understood it,” Jeff said. “No matter what job Camillia held, she was dedicated to doing her best and was always quality-oriented. She will be missed by all.”

Thank you, Camillia, and best wishes for retirement. You will always be a member of the Bright Wood family.

Bright Wood CEO/President with Camillia Fernandez in 2021
Camillia Fernandez accepts a high impact suggestion award from Bright Wood CEO/President Ken Stovall in 1994