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Eye Safety Starts Before You Get Out of Your Car

By Jim Sanders, Safety Manager

[March 9, 2023] Bright Wood has suffered 17 recordable incidents in the last three years involving an object in someone’s eye. In other words, five to six people suffer eye injuries annually.  

Turn Off the Car; Put on Your Safety Glasses

History shows the majority of our eye injuries occur outside. If everyone wore their eye protection as soon as they arrived at work (before leaving their vehicles) and continued wearing it until they returned to their cars after work, we’d all be a lot safer. This is in fact, Bright Wood policy.

You’ve Got Options to Protect Your Eyes

Bright Wood has prioritized eye safety for over 35 years by providing free safety glasses to all employees. The company also supplies foam-padded glasses to block the wind for outside workers. We offer free side shields to people who wear prescription glasses as well as oversized safety glasses that fit over prescription eyeglasses.

Save $$$ on Prescription Safety Glasses

Last year Bright Wood introduced low-cost prescription safety glasses from Walmart. Our records show 114 employees, myself included, have taken advantage of this opportunity so far.

If you’d like to get in on this great offer:

Step #1: Ask your site’s Personnel Department for a printed voucher to purchase prescription safety glasses. The voucher ensures Bright Wood covers the cost of your prescription lenses in your new safety glasses.

Step #2: Get a printout of your current eye prescription from your doctor. A handwritten prescription is okay too.

Step #3: Give the Walmart clerk your Bright Wood voucher and prescription. Your only cost will be for the frames you pick. Most cost around $29. I splurged and got a camo design which took the price up to $40 for a new pair of bifocal prescription glasses. I likely would have paid more than $300 for these glasses if I’d purchased them myself.

Let the Eye Safety Policy Be Your Guide

If you have any doubts about how to protect your eyes at work, please refer to page 57 of the Bright Wood Information & Reference booklet:

With the exception of break rooms and office areas, eye protection is required on Bright Wood property and in all Bright Wood work areas. Subject to meeting qualifying criteria, prescription safety glasses lenses will be provided through Walmart. Prescription safety glasses are now available at a low cost if you have a valid prescription (see the personnel department for full details). “Over glasses” and/or side shields designed for use with your prescription glasses must be used and are available through the Personnel Department.

Prescription safety glasses
Prescription safety glasses