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Say Hello to Better Health When You Answer SpecifiCare's Call

[September 23, 2021] Has a Regence SpecifiCare nurse called you? If so, you already know about Bright Wood’s new free wellness concierge service that started May 1. Registered nurses with SpecifiCare have been contacting members of Bright Wood’s Health and Wellness Plan (BWHWP) to discuss their specific health issues and how SpecifiCare can help.

SpecifiCare nurses combine medical knowledge with an understanding of the BWHWP. Their goal is to help you get the quality care you need.

“We’re calling this a concierge service because it is specific to you and your medical history based on your age and diagnosis,” Daryl Booren, Personnel Director, said. “Many of us have avoided health care during the pandemic. SpecifiCare makes it easy to re-engage by reminding us that there is something important we need to do. They will even schedule the appointment for you.”

When Life Gets Busy

Many SpecifiCare calls are reminders about being overdue for routine health screenings like prostate exams, colonoscopies, and pap smears. “They reached out to me and said it is time for your mammogram, and you haven’t done it yet,” Gloria Lockey, Personnel Manager, said. “Life gets busy, and you forget. I scheduled an appointment right away. I felt good afterward because I’d taken care of my health.”

The SpecifiCare nurse could have helped Gloria schedule her mammogram if needed. “The nurse will pull up a list of all the available providers and walk through them with you until you’ve settled on the one you are interested in,” Daryl said. “From there, SpecifiCare schedules the appointment for you, asks the provider to contact you, or you can schedule it yourself.”

When You Are Dealing with Something

SpecifiCare nurses can be members of your support network when dealing with chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease. You decide what level of help you want. You may just want information, or you may need help following your doctor’s treatment plan, scheduling appointments, decoding medical jargon, and taking advantage of your health benefits to keep your out-of-pocket costs down.

If you keep going to the ER for the same reason, a SpecifiCare nurse may offer to help break the cycle. It can be difficult to figure out a solution on your own when you are in pain. Each nurse is backed by a multidisciplinary team of experts who can offer support and guidance to get you the care you need.

When It Is Sudden and Serious

When life takes unexpected turns – your newborn ends up in the NICU, you must have emergency surgery – your SpecifiCare nurse can be your advocate, advisor, and guide as you navigate the health care system. The nurse can handle the details so you can focus on getting better.

When you are home again, your SpecifiCare nurse will still be there to answer questions about your discharge instructions, schedule follow-up care, and find solutions that work for you. For instance, a SpecifiCare nurse saved a patient the long drive to infusion treatments after back surgery by finding a home infusion alternative.

Pick Up

Pick up when you get a call from a SpecifiCare nurse; this is your personalized connection to better health.

If you don’t want to wait for a phone call, BWHWP members can contact a SpecifiCare nurse by calling 1-866-543-5765 or emailing