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MDLive Offering Free At-Home Covid Tests

[September 23, 2021] Participants in Bright Wood’s Health and Wellness Plan (both Basic and Plus) now have the option of free at-home COVID-19 testing through MDLIVE.

If you (or a covered dependent) have symptoms or think you have recently been exposed to the virus, schedule a telehealth visit with an MDLIVE doctor. The doctor will access your condition and, if appropriate, he/she may order an at-home COVID-19 test.

If so, a nasal short-swab test will be delivered to your home. You then send your sample back, and MDLIVE will notify you by text when the results are ready. Most test kits will be delivered within two days, and results will be ready one to two days after your sample is received. Kits do not ship on Sundays.

For faster results, contact your family doctor, hospital, or public health department to find out where you can be tested locally. Before visiting a testing site, be sure to confirm if a doctor’s order is needed to obtain a test. MDLIVE doctors can only provide at-home COVID-19 tests at this time.